Here we've built a glorious hub for our community, connecting all things Monsieur Z in one convenient space. We have ambitions of significantly improving our video quality within the year, but we need your help; With Youtube Notifications as unreliable as they are, and EU Censorship dealing us a heavy blow, it's become difficult to make time for more ambitious projects; YOU CAN HELP by signing up for email updates here, donating to the channel to fund superior equipment, and helping build the community.

For you, for me, for the US of Z.

-Monsieur Z

The US of Z Legion are audience members who go a step above the average viewer and demonstrate exceptional support for the Channel in a variety of ways.

The US of Z as a community of course has its online identity, but also goes deeper for supporters of the US of Z Philosophy;

-Self Improvement

-Self Sufficiency

-Self Determination

Membership to the US of Z Legion is simple, and you alone decide your level of participation. Imagine our Legion as being like the Boy Scouts; we follow a code, learn certain skills, and have a high emphasis on self-improvement as well as community building, but you might be the sole physical member of your troop, so build connections here, and learn to be of value to those around you.

Welcome To The US of Z

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