Frequently Asked Questions

About The US of Z

Q: What Is The US of Z?

A: The US of Z is a general term used to refer to 

Monsieur Z's "Solid Audience", viewers who have

stood by the channel through thick and thin.

As of April 2019 this Base is Estimated To Be Approx. 35,000 or 70% of the Channels Total Subscriber Base.

Q: What Does The Z Stand For?

A: It's been repeatedly stated to represent Generation-Z, Monsieur Z's own generation whom he believes has great potential to change America for either extreme better or extreme worse, and has a responsibility to learn and practice truth in action.


Q: Is US of Z An Alt-Name For Monsieur Z?

A: Yes & No, The US of Z represents Monsieur Z's Dedicated Community as a whole.

Q: What Is The Purpose Of The US of Z?

A: Monsieur Z purposefully chipped away at the "weakest" parts of his audience over his channel career to build a solid core. The purpose of the US of Z is to bring together a community of young patriots well versed in the field of history to better themselves and their homes.

Q: What Is Monsieur Z's Ideology?

A: Monsieur Z is an American Nationalist, he believes in putting his country, and people first.

On Government, Monsieur Z is a supporter of States Rights, firm Meritocratic Hierarchy, and an advocate for Self-Sovereignty both of individuals, and of communities.

On Economics, Monsieur Z supports free markets, but is critical of their vulnerability to exploitation, and believes very specific limited regulation.

Q: Where Is Monsieur Z From?

A: Monsieur Z was raised in Brooklyn for half of his youth before moving to a small town in Kansas for the other half, and moving back in his teens. This explains his city-country hybrid accent.

Q: Is Monsieur Z Religious?

A: Monsieur Z is not religious, his world view is based in scientific theory, understanding of human nature, historical precedence, and empathetic morality. Regardless, he has expressed support for Christianity broadly.

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