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A bit fantastical


I know I'm grasping at the smallest of straws here, but hear me out. I'm not sure whether to have early middle ages or high middle ages, give me your thoughts below. Before we get started, have a go at me in the comments because it is fantasy and because i don't know what to have for the time period.


The scenario i am trying to set up here is a world where humans and dwarves live together and the dwarves are expert engineers, already having discovered gunpowder. They have created massive forts, mines, cities, and castles with giant cannons, mortars, and even long range organ guns. Their king is the great Mötsignïr and he had pushed the drive for guns. their army includes entire brigades of riflemen with flintocks that have outstanding range. The kingdom, Nordgard, is positioned in the Urals.


Humans do not know of Nordgard, with only a few shrewd and wise kings making expeditions only to die to the cold and Russian Winter.


What do you think? Could it would? This has been your host, pan_stan, and as always, thanks for reading!

It seems like a good idea. Do these dwarves follow any specific religion or set of beliefs? How would you describe how their society is organized?

They follow something called "The Cult of Iron and Fire" or they build massive ironstone totems, light them ablaze, and start singing, and drink hefty amounts of ale. The Festival of Mining lasts all day

Also has Nordgard or the dwarves inspired any myths or set of beliefs to human culture or religions?

Nope, because very few actually know of Nordgard's existence

How have they been isolated for so long, and why haven’t enough humans thought about traveling there.

This is the middle ages after all, so not many people know of the ural's existence

If it is located in the Ural mountains, then maybe a good time period would be during the 13th century during the Mongolian invasion (Advanced mountain artillery dwarves vs one of the most powerful military empires to ever exist).


The only problem I see is how they could stay hidden for so long after the Russian expansion and unification of the empire including the Urals. Did you have any particular explanation or scenario that explains this?

I am currently working on building a complete scenario and timeline, but your suggestion actually does help me decide where to start this

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Do they have any aspirations for expansion of their kingdom by any chance? or are the content with their secret hideout? (With how advanced they are compared to other civilizations expansion might be quite easy)

this is pan school account


they do wish to come out of hiding and inhabit the lowlands permanently while going into the mountains for festivals and work, but the reason they got driven into the mountains in the first place is because an ancient race of nomads use to live the lowlands with them and one day they came in during the night and burned all of the dwarven towns while everybody was sleeping. so for now, they are content with hiding but the two worlds are fixing to collide

Also I am very curious about the cult of "Iron and Fire". Does it have any deities to worship? Perhaps a moral compass the dwarves strongly follow?

it has one deity called Alseiass, or the Golden God. He represents all of the precious gemstones they so covet and value. The moral compass is never break wind and have somebody else blamed for it, all dwarves must go into the mines and work at some point in their life, and never kill a fellow dwarf. Dwarves are actually a peaceful race, but if you provoke them may whatever god you believe in have mercy on your soul



Where do you envision these lowlands where the nomads live? closer to the European continent or closer to Siberia or the Asian part of Russia?

the lowlands are in a ring all around stretching from about the Kyiv to Mongolia and the nomads have long since left, as they founded the Kievan Rus off the backs of stolen goats, dwarven culture, and they also ransacked the armory, stealing the flintlocks but they still have no idea as what to do with them

I ask this as if you do envision them expanding, it's very important to know to what direction, and from there what factors might come along the way.

The Dwarves will most likely expand to enact their revenge or Justice Day as i like to call it, perhaps even just having the Kievans as a puppet kingdom to start relations with the humans and lay a crumb trail for the two worlds to meet, but they will expand peacefully and eventually settle the lowlands and start moving away from their ancestral home

Technology? Hah. Dwarves pride themselves in being master engineers, and they aren't giving any secrets away. Religion? Yes actually. They welcome all and any new converts

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Do you think an eventual Nordgard-Siberian Empire could be a possibility down the line? Especially if they do come in contact and defeat the Mongolians? (I am guessing they have more resistance to the cold than humans but I may be wrong)

No, I'm thinking more along the lines of Dwarven Russia as a whole. While they will be instrumental to the defeat of mongolia, they will seek a warmer climate to the south because they want to coexist with the humans

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@pan_stan Dwarven dominated Russia I like it. Do these dwarves have any navy capacity by any chance?

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They do have a small river faring fleet equipped with cannon and their version of greek fire

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Perhaps the Slav population could be converted to the dwarves religion in a similar way the the humans of Winterfell worship the children of the forest religion of the old gods (game of thrones reference).

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I caught that reference despite never having seen a single GoT episode, and your idea actually is similar to what i had going on in my head for conversion

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The real question is just how much humans might want to coexist with the dwarves. Such an advanced civilization directly or indirectly will affect the European balance of power. Wonder how eventually powers like France or Britain might respond once Nordgard starts making contact.

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My guess is seeing as this is late 1100s to early 1200s, they are too preoccupied with the end of the crusades and hundred year's war to notice kingdoms to the east. The major player here are the arabs and byzantium. They are sure to notice, and with the cult of iron and fire having some relations with orthodoxy, the Greco-Romans are sure to want to be allies to possibly regain what justinian conquered, or even go to the extent of rome with caesar's planned invasions of the romanian kingdoms and what is the parthian/sassanid persian area

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