Nov 5

A Map Part Two




The European Version of the Collapsed America map.

Can you tell us the story of how this happened or is it a mirrored US aftermath but in europe. Like how did Russia become split north and south, or Poland getting its commonwealth, or Greece’s managing to get Cyprus.

So after the american collapse putin died, with his successor a civil war broke out. With the anti putin alliance, name up for change, took over part of Belarus, to secure the polish minority there, Lithuania join Poland via referendum for protection, half of Ukraine is basically a polish puppet with the other half a russian puppet, Poland, italy, Czechia, Hungary, Ukraine, and Austria are a right wing faction central powers style. Cyprus joined Greece via a referendum/ anti Turkey revolt, Turkey got to into the middle east and couldnt hold both. It's still subject to change

I'm seeing "Anti-Putin Alliance" so this somehow manifests around the modern day.

Hey 2030s the civil started when putin died and his successor took power, the alliance is made of communist and democratics

I am very curious as to how this Baltic Confederation formed. How much influence does it have on Europe?

They formed to as a defense agaisnt Russia the the anti putin alliance

Italy/poland and france influence different parts, with French influencing Germany the Netherlands Spain portugal and the nordic countries and italy/poland influencing Czechia Austria Hungary Romania Bulgaria Greece and the Baltic

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