Nov 6

Details eh


The dwarves have special ability

Hardening and glowing spit

Lower jaw can be unhinged

Can store air in digestive tract


Now let's address a subject never even thought about before, Dwarf Cavalry. Hear me out ok?

They will serve as recon, with a modified flintlock for sniping, binoculars, and other essential recon equipment. Their mount is not a horse though, it is a hardy animal just like them. They ride mountain goats because they are hardy, small, and suprisingly easy to train and control after generations of this amusing combination as it works quite well with dwarves an goats having a natural bond


Give me your ideas and thoughts below as to how i could explain this below. I have been your host, pan_stan, and as always, thanks for reading!

Do these dwarves have a specific environment they reside in? Mountains or forest perhaps? Do they prefer the snowy cold or a much warmer environment?

They prefer underground in the mines or in the mountains because that's where gemstones and the goat herds are but they do populate the lowlands as well, having goat ranches, towns, farms, even an elevator system down into the mines

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