Oct 13

Fascist European Union


What if the fascist movements in europe lead to an early EU but where the founder of the EU who believed in Fascism grabbed such thinkers, party leaders, and statesman across Europe for the creation of a fascist europe. People like Clifford hugh Douglas as head economist, Herman Sörgel as head engineer, cultural restoration and assimilation Giovanni Gentile as it’s head and many more for its council.

Each nation within having a level of autonomy but where many still believing it took a lot from the individual nation but still went along with it. each nation would have its own form of economy, cultural protection, and infrastructure but will be heavily influenced and have some part of it done by the council. Sörgel will have a couple of his dams built like between Tunisia and Sicily and maybe between the black sea and all of Europe would need some form of a social credit economy. France would be pit in a civil war where the fascists fund the nationalists where they win( although I can see Mussolini do this only in exchange for Tunisia, some of southeastern France, and an island but the trade would be made. Spain conquered Morocco and this is where the resources come in. Spain would have control of 75% of the worlds phosphate, Italy would have control over Libya’s and thus massive oil deposits, while frances would have massive amount of land with a mix of different resources, which they would use to feed the union. in this timeline a royal part and fascist party would back the king of Britain and would eventually convince him to join in the sake for a united europe(though Churchill might need more convincing). Finally Germany would join on the condition that the treaty of Versailles is removed, they get the surrounding German majority land(minus from France and Italy) and after convincing Poland that they return land to German to end the border gore in exchange for land from Ukraine and all of Lithuania.

it’s night and I’m tired. if you ask me about anything here to add or be more specific I’ll add it or address you directly.

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  • ok so here is a scenario if ol chrome dome's march on rome failed and he accidentally sparked the biggest civil war of 1923. every single faction is here!
  • this is just the starting map, as i needed a computer to complete it.
  • I know you are all wondering to know when the next dwarf post is, but the sad thing is that I've run out of steam. I don't know where to go with it and with the system being posts like this and not fluid with a chat element like discord or amino, i Can't actively discuss ideas or take suggestions and form them into a post. So until either i get a really good suggestion or an idea, I'm pausing dwarflandia. Enough of my rambling, i do too much of that anyway, i have another scenario. What if the spanish civil war really escalated and splintered off into several factions instead of the two clear cut ones. I am pulling out all the stops for what might be the biggest factional civil war in history since russia's own not a decade earlier. I will let the map explain and lore will be provided tomorrow. Now, where's my burrito?

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