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Quest of ions


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Ok i got a question for our lord and savior, Monsieur Z. Do you take video suggestions, or ideas anyway? Another thing, what do you think about my dwarf thing i am doing, and could you/would you like to help me or make a video and come up with some lore because I am terrible at lore. I can make an awesome scenario, but I'm don't have the humongous amount of artsy fartsyness to make lore. @Monsieur_Z

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No, i couldn't remember It when i tried to sign in at school so i just used my Google account. I never lost my password

That’s what I meant. also how far are you into your story. Like how far have seen into its history and future.

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I am planning out the near future, with the start of a full dwarven russia with kyivan rus, and i need to begin thinking of an origin story

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A good way to start is explaining how their kingdom was created. How did their current monarchy come to be? Was there a specific time period when it started?

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Alright, i will see what i can come up with

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  • ok so here is a scenario if ol chrome dome's march on rome failed and he accidentally sparked the biggest civil war of 1923. every single faction is here!
  • this is just the starting map, as i needed a computer to complete it.
  • I know you are all wondering to know when the next dwarf post is, but the sad thing is that I've run out of steam. I don't know where to go with it and with the system being posts like this and not fluid with a chat element like discord or amino, i Can't actively discuss ideas or take suggestions and form them into a post. So until either i get a really good suggestion or an idea, I'm pausing dwarflandia. Enough of my rambling, i do too much of that anyway, i have another scenario. What if the spanish civil war really escalated and splintered off into several factions instead of the two clear cut ones. I am pulling out all the stops for what might be the biggest factional civil war in history since russia's own not a decade earlier. I will let the map explain and lore will be provided tomorrow. Now, where's my burrito?

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