Nov 5

North Korea


How do we deal with it. As much as I like to just ignore it constantly threatening just about everyone will eventually become in issue so what. Do we just surround it with anti missile defense systems and give South Korea and japan an anti-nuke shield and just dump sanctions on the country. What do we do after? remember China doesn’t like the idea of a missile defense system so close to it so again how do we deal with it.

Besides allies like South Korea and Japan, we would probably need Russia on board. North Korea would probably be more intimated with another superpower on it's border. Even if China opposed it, it would never dare go against two superpowers at the same time.

Yeah but what stopping them from doing what they always do and just make same minor promises only giving some assurances that they wont do anything when they’re going to keep improving on what they have and acting insane in the next few years until we give them money. Even with Russia unless we starve out the country where not gonna have a long term solution.

@Lukdnuke I may be wrong but I do believe we already sanction them. I'm not sure just how much more harm we can do in economic terms. Russia is merely a form of counterbalance against China. Maybe when we and the European powers stop sanctioning them they will be more willing to work with us.

@Silverknight no, every time we get an agreement they act up again a few years later for more things. Not to mention some Chinese companies have ignored the sanctions and smuggled in there products and money. To me we put literally every type of sanction and embargo on them and really make them hermits. After that they would either get desperate enough to keep their promises or collapse. Although I hope they don’t collapse because I can see China eyeing their mineral deposits.

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While I don't support regime change or any form of US intervention in the area, if we are speaking truthfully, the problem may never be resolved until the current North Korean dynasty is destroyed and a new government arises.

That’s my point. To me though it would be better if we a least neutered the threat or speed up its death.

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