5 days ago

Monarchist Proposal


Edited: 5 days ago

If we are to create a White Ethnostate in the future we will need to decide what form of government it will have. I propose a Monarchy with the perfect candidate as Queen: Kate Upton






She seems like somebody who could bring men all across the entire political spectrum together. Also would help with publicity regarding our movement.


While leaders like Trump need a year if not more to get a partial trade deal done, one wink and smile from her, and Xi Jinping will give us everything we want.






What do you guys think of her as a possible candidate for Queen of the future White Ethnostate?



5 days ago

It is all about optics. When people think of our movement, would we rather have their first thought be of idiots like Richard Spencer or David Duke, or of her? I think most regular guys would find the latter a more appealing image, hence a more appealing movement :) The master plan is coming together!

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