The US of Z Legionnaire Program

US of Z Legionnaires are community members who go a step above the average viewer and demonstrate exceptional support for our prior mentioned values.

The US of Z Legionnaire program is an effort to promote healthy living, mental sharpness, and moral foundation for young-men such as yourself through community building, the issuing of challenges, and providing for you a foundation to stand upon with your own two feet. 

A US of Z Legionnaire ought to be physically fit, mentally sharp, and of good moral character.

You hold yourself to a standard of improvement for your own sake in life, and in your duty as a Patriot to take a stand for your home should it ever be threatened; imagine catastrophe strikes your home, assume everyone is only as capable as you are right now. Instead of reliance upon others, ensure that you are strong enough for others to be able to rely upon you in a situation. If you do not save yourself no one else will. Learn, Grow, Prepare.

You'll receive challenges every 2-3 weeks. All you need do to maintain your membership is to complete a challenge once a month, and confirm that you have by sending the words "Mission Accomplished" via the Contact Us page.

You may also earn an honorary membership by simply incorporating the

US of Z philosophy into your day to day life, but this might exclude you from future community events.

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Admissions for Early 2021 are now closed.

New enrollments will be kept on a waiting-list until the next term.

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