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The greater goal of the US of Z is to unite a community of young Americans with an interest in their past, their history, and culture. History in modern society is plainly an unpopular subject, most people in Generation Z admire gaudy, soulless celebrities as role models instead of the men who built the world they live in. We believe this sets a bad standard, and want our dedicated community to come together in a constructive manner, so that we can bolster each other up, and ensure the future has capable minds to build it.

We aim to build, through our community, sovereign, strong, and capable young-men united through common ideas, and a common goal of bettering our homes as individuals who make up a greater whole, just as the states of our great nation were meant to function.

Independently we must be strong, and United we must know to cooperate so that we might be greater.

Such a community relies upon you playing your part, if you are so interested in doing so; expect to hold yourself to a code that represents our community, and one which betters you in your daily life. Know that you alone determine your level of participation, investment, and own actions, we aren't holding your hand through this process that is your self-improvement, we will, however, give you a push in the right direction.

1- Train Yourself

As a boy, you are expected by those who respect you to one day grow into a man; You're expected to be strong, sure, and self-reliant. No one respects a man who doesn't know who he is, what he wants, or what he is doing. Begin by being someone others can count on for help; train yourself to grow physically stronger, study factual subjects to grow smarter, and believe in working for something better than yourself, if your own improvement is insufficient to motivate you, do it for the US of Z, we who believe in you to be America's future.

2- Free Yourself

Being truly free does not mean to rebel against every rule or law, it means being able to act as a free agent in our limited world. True Freedom, in this context, is about self-reliance and freedom from dependencies (Alcohol, Drugs, Distractions, Temptations, Social Media, Addictions).

Our modern society fosters dependency in young-men for toxic foods, synthetic digital interaction, and intoxicants; ours has become a society that breeds stupidity & laziness. Reject the temptations of modern subjugated society to embrace a clean lifestyle where no poison rules your mind.

3- Study Truth & Think Critically

Men, historically, have been the earliest in any society to earn the right to vote; we recognize that men in society tend to be the most successful in seeking truth, and acting on logic, this is why it is so crucial for men, in youth, to be educated in factual fields such as science and history, naturally these are fields that boys and men are commonly drawn to. It is also important to teach yourself to think critically, to break apart an idea, and understand why it is, as well as the why of that why. This world doesn't make sense sometimes, and logical reasoning is often tossed aside for simple one-word answers that cover up the reality of why something may exist. The US of Z encourages you to think critically, and learn the truth of our world as best you can.

4- Believe In Something

Be you religious or not, every young-man needs something to work toward & believe in. Without a goal or a leader, young-men come up aimless, and drift through this world seeking the quickest route to unlasting, but immediate satisfaction.

Have a sense of gratitude for every day you can breath fresh-air, smile, eat a healthy meal, and feel the sun shine on your head. This is your life, you will not receive anything in this world for simply being. You must sacrifice something to earn something else: Your sweat and energy to build strength, your time and determination to study harder. If you believe in god, see this as your offering to him so that he may grant you strength and knowledge, if you do not, pay tribute to this natural world of ours which has built you to be rewarded for such endurance; the more you put forward, the more you will receive, and remember to never stop simply because you reached a milestone, God or Nature has granted you this strength so you can push even harder.

5- Stand By Your Home

Your home belongs to you and your brothers; you must have a willingness to defend this which is yours if a threat were ever to befall it. You may be the first & last line of defense; hope it never comes, but prepare as if it were today.

Respect your home, protect it's natural beauty, it's culture, and it's aesthetic identity. Our lands are sacred, as they have shaped us as we have shaped them, this relationship is delicate and vital.

6- Stand By Your Brothers

You are not alone in the US of Z; your beliefs, your desires, your dissatisfaction with a the stagnation and disconnect of modern living is shared by a silent majority growing up without the foundations to achieve what, since birth, has been your purpose: To shape tomorrow.

You are the first step; you must be the example to your silent brothers. Take charge of your life. Advance toward strength. Share that strength with those who need it. Awaken your brothers to your shared destiny and duty.

US of Z Philosophy

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