The US of Z

You can support the US of Z in a number of important ways to suit your situation, and your degree of support for US of Z content or philosophy.

Support Our Content


If you're a fan of the channel who would like to see content production increased, perhaps improved with better equipment, or simply want to show your appreciation, you can donate directly to the US of Z PayPal. Donate as much or as little as you'd like, every bit helps.

Here at the US of Z we believe in quality products regardless of their profitability.

With your donations we'll be able to devote more resources and time to producing superior content.

One Time

Spreading The Word

Being content-oriented, viewership is very important. Viewership can become an issue when dealing with video suppression and censorship by the big tech companies. This is why it is important to regularly share our videos on your social media so we can reach as many people as possible, even if they're first time viewers.

You can also share this website, or start discussions about the channel on other forums like Reddit or Discord, and even request collaborations from other Youtubers, Podcasts, and Media to help get our name out.

Support Our Philosophy

Start With Yourself

The core of US of Z Philosophy is a Patriotic Self-Sufficiency, a National Pride, and Sense of Community, 

to foster your ability to take care of yourself, pull your own weight, and be a strong person of moral value for both yourself and your home.

The US of Z Legionnaires are audience members who go a step above the average viewer and demonstrate exceptional support for these prior mentioned values.

A US of Z Legionnaire ought to be physically fit, mentally sharp, and of good moral character.

You hold yourself to a standard of improvement for your own sake in life, and in your duty as a Patriot to take a stand for your home should it ever be threatened; imagine catastrophe strikes your home, assume everyone is only as capable as you are right now. Instead of reliance upon others, ensure that you are strong enough for others to be able to rely upon you in a situation. If you do not save yourself no one else will.

Prepare, Learn, Grow. Study and live by these values:

-Self Improvement

-Self Sufficiency

-Self Determination

Membership is as simple as incorporating these values into your daily routine, and you alone decide your level of participation in US of Z activities. Before you can make the world around you a better place, you yourself must become a better man through your own improvement. You can play this lackadaisically, claim membership without the investment or initiative, but you will only be screwing yourself. This program is about building you before, together, we build us.

In the US of Z, you come first; without you, there is no us.

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