About The US of Z

Monsieur Z built the US of Z as a community oriented around a deep fascination with history, specifically the Alternate History genre which is the subject most frequently covered in Monsieur Z's Youtube Videos.

As a Youtuber, Monsieur Z gained criticism for his willingness to discuss subjects his peers in the history community avoided as to not polarize their communities or miss out on profit. Monsieur Z instead believed in providing regular, quality content that pushed boundaries, and was above all else a balance of education and entertainment, allowing him to produce scenarios on the subjects of Anarchism, American Collapse, Strasserism, the State of Rhodesia, Arab Ba'Athism, and Balkanization.

The coverage of these subjects eventually led the Youtube Channel to face censorship by the European Union, making these videos inaccessible to a massive demographic for a time, which led the Channels following to become dominantly American. 

Because of Monsieur Z's willingness to address such subjects, his restriction from the EU, and his common openness about his own political, social, and economic beliefs, much of his community has been tailored down to fellow American Patriots, and those willing to shrug off political differences for the quality of the videos themselves. Monsieur Z went on to dub this loyal following as the US of Z Legion; subscribers, and viewers whom he considered "real", and who's support he felt he rightfully earned as opposed to his competition whom he perceived as pandering for higher viewership which would drop them at the mere mention of an out of line fact.

"These kinds of channels give their viewers bread and circuses. Like, safe, cookie-cutter entertainment every other Youtuber will shill out." Monsieur Z said. "Me, I wanna give them something real, and exciting. I want them to know who's making it. I don't want to give them some illusion like so many other Youtubers do, supporting me thinking that I'm someone I'm not. What you end up with is a lot more criticism, and of course you do because you're going against the grain. You know some people call me a jerk, misinformed, biased, yadda yadda yadda. I do my research, and I do my best, if you want to challenge me on that, and I've got the time, no problem, let's do it, but all I want is to make something nice for people, I wanna build a great big gift for the folks who really like me, and put what they [earn] me toward making more. Some people like to hoard cash, and flash it around, but like, what the hell, alright sure, hoard it up, but make something with it, you know? I think I'm here to build something, like, to make something I can leave behind for my kind of people, and I really want to do that. That's just what I'm gonna keep trying to do. No one's gonna stop me."

Monsieur Z​

The face and voice of it all. Monsieur Z was raised in both Brooklyn and a small town outside of Wichita for equal halves of his youth. He first started on Youtube with a now defunct channel that explored the science of video games before purchasing an account with 200 subscribers from a friend which would become the Monsieur Z channel. From this account Monsieur Z branched off his science subject to make theory videos, satirical reviews, and analysis of TV shows. It was only when Monsieur Z discovered Man In The High Castle that his viewership began to boom, and he found an audience that allowed him to explore two of his greatest passions: History and Story-Telling. Having a strong background in American History, Monsieur Z began to theorize alternate American worlds, but ultimately knew he'd need to cover other historical subjects eventually. It was a gift from Amazon's Man In The High Castle team, and a boost in subscribers which motivated Monsieur Z to learn as much about the timeline of world history as possible to fill any knowledge gaps which he stumbled into in earlier videos. Learning more about international history, and how it correlated to American history led Monsieur Z to become more politically active.

Having developed a strong sense of patriotism at an early age, Monsieur Z briefly joined a faction of the Libertarian Party as a spokesman, and advocate for constitutionalism before going his own way to discover an affinity for Jacksonian Democracy, and Self-Sovereignty.

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