Oct 16

What is the biggest black pill




Prosperity creates a comfortable environment.

Comfortable environments create stagnation and weakness.

Weakness collapses a prosperous society.

The people who create this prosperous society often then go extinct.

That we are a societee that his left conventional art now are all our culture is on the Internet and one day when all the servers die all the culture that has been built up for so long will be gone forever every meme I ever made every post you ever said every pointless Internet debate you ever had completely gone all the pictures you posted to social media all the late night gaming sessions U had with your friends Forever lost to The open Vian of time



Z's black pillIs nowhere near as terrifyingPeople still remember Rome when it was collapsing or the last days of the Reich but what will they remember of us absolutely nothing we will be the Lost generations never to be understood or referenced Again

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