Nov 5

Spencer's bitch fit


Anyone else see Richard Spencer's tantrum just goes to show anyone who believes in identity politics is an entitled little bitch left or right

Nov 5Edited: Nov 5

So your idea is to judge an entire ideology or set of ideas based on one idiot who refuses to take personal responsibility for his life and decides to take it out on other groups of people?

Also how about you go up to a Hispanic Pride march or Black Lives Matter protest and tell them how they are "bitches" for using identity politics (Probably won't go to well).

Whites for the most part (with the exception of a fringe handful of idiots like in any form of movement, institution, organization, etc) only want to be able to feel openly proud of our heritage and defend our interests which are increasingly under attack.

Hey when you have a dumb-ass ideology that is so stupid I could debate you and ardently destroy you with legitimately no effort at all because all your arguments amount you either if the Jews fault or the nonwhite persons fault the alt right is the biggest self own in History

@OutRaged Deer Not all people who have White Pride or don't want to become a minority in the nation our ancestors built are National Socialists, if that is what ideology you are referring to.

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Nov 6Edited: Nov 6

All Racial groups use "identity politics" openly except whites (and they don't seem eager to stop it any time soon). It only makes sense Whites can organize and protect our interests and heritage as well especially as we are on a course to become a minority in the next 30 years.

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